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Hide Your Shared Drive

If you want to share a drive or folder on a network with a few people while making it invisible to everyone else, just add a dollar sign to the end of the name you use for sharing. This also prevents large numbers of shared drives or folders from clogging Explorer windows on large networks.

Right-click the drive or folder you want to share and choose Properties. Click the Sharing tab. If you're sharing the root of a drive in Windows XP, you have to click a warning link at this point. Select Shared As, Share this folder, or Share this folder on the network. In Windows 2000, click New Share. For 'Share name', type a name that will identify the folder or drive, and add $ to the end. Click OK once or twice as needed (see FIGURE 4). Users won't be able to see this shared item in Network Neighbourhood, but they can choose Tools, Map Network Drive and type the path to the drive using the universal naming convention: two back slashes (\\) followed by the server name, with the rest of the path defined by using single back slashes (\) as dividers--for example, \\server\shared\folder\file.


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