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Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Hardware Compatibility - visit Sentry Forum

12/07/1999 Windows 2000/2003 Hardware Compatibility List

Low budget computer hardware

The following computers and peripherals have passed compatibility testing with Microsoft Windows 2000. Some computers may be sold with peripherals that are not yet supported by the Windows 2000 operating system, or that require a device driver supplied by the manufacturer. Also, computers and devices on this list have not been tested in all possible configurations.



Cardbus Controllers

Cluster/RAID Controller

Cluster/RAID System

Display Adapter

Display Adapter (Multimon)

Display Monitor




Input/Pointing Drawing

Keyboard Video Mouse Switch



Mutliport Serial Adapter


Network/ATM (Large Memory)

Network/Ethernet (Large Memory)


Network/FDDI (Large Memory)


Network/Gigabit (Large Memory)

Network/Home PNA


Network/Token Ring

Network/Token Ring (Large Memory)




System/Mobile Uniprocessor

Storage/CD-ROM Drive

Storage/IDE Controller


HardDisks (HardDrives Lists)












Hardware and Installation

What are the minimum hardware requirements?

The minimum hardware requirements for running a simulator are:

Computer - PC Compatible
CPU Pentium III 1 Ghz+ (or equivalent)
RAM512MB minimum,
Hard Disk 10GB
Windows 2000/XP
Mouse Microsoft Compatible
CD ROM Drive 8x minimum
1 USB port for hardware protection (dongle)
SVGA graphics card 800x600, with at least 16M Colors 32MB Video Memory
1st Monitor 17" minimum (capable of taking graphics output), 21" preferred.
Sound Card & Compatible Sound Blaster.
We strongly recommend that you use the “Twin Monitor” configuration. In this case you will need a second monitor and either a second graphics card or a twin-monitor card such as the ATI Radeon VE (32MB).

For more information on recommended hardware,
please see our page on System Requirements.

Do the simulators come with the required hardware?

We recommend that you buy your hardware from your current supplier, according to our requirements.

What if we already have the hardware, or wish to purchase it separately?

If you already have the hardware as described in our System Requirements section, we will be happy to provide only the simulator. Please contact your distributor for more information on purchasing a Sinapse Graphic printing press simulator.

Will I need another system if I want to acquire a second kind of simulator?

No. All of our simulators can run on the same hardware configurations.

How many simulators can I put on a single machine?

You may put as many different simulators as you wish on your machine. You will, however, need to make sure that there is enough space on your computer's hard drive to store all the required software.

Will someone install the simulator system for me?

This depends on the conditions of your simulator purchase. Generally, if you buy your hardware from your distributor, it comes with the software already installed. Installations may also be included as part of your training package. For more information on terms of purchase, please contact your distributor.

Who can I call for help on installation?

For local help, please contact your distributor.

Where can I go (who can I contact) for hardware support?

If your maintenance contract is current, contact your distributor or Sinapse Graphic for any hardware concerns you may have.

What are the available support options?

Sinapse offers free customer support for six months following the purchase of a simulator. For continual support options, and to receive simulator upgrades, we also offer you an annual maintenance contract.

My hardware key does not work any more.

Simulators that have been rented for a limited time come with hardware keys that are automatically inactive after that time. If you wish to continue use of your simulator after the specified time, you will need to contact Sinapse Graphic.

If you suspect that your hardware key is faulty, please contact your distributor
or Sinapse Graphic.

Where can I get another hardware key?

See below

I lost my hardware key (?)

If you have lost your hardware key, you will need to purchase another license: contact your distributor or Sinapse Graphic to do this. We recommend that you insure these keys against theft or loss.

Do I need the same hardware for demonstrations as I do to run the simulator (e.g. training inst., distributors)?

No. Demonstrations can be given with a minimum amount of hardware. The more accurate a picture of the simulator you want your viewers to get, the more of the recommended hardware you should consider using.

For more information on what hardware is necessary for demonstrations, please see our page on System Requirements.

Can I network my simulator for multiple users?

You can install the Trainer aspects on a separate computer, and have the exercises and trace files kept centrally. The simulators (as each user has their “own press”) need separate workstation installation.

Floating license versions are available. Each simulator is installed on a workstation and the number of "active seats" is controlled by the floating license server. Consult your distributor for the multiple workstation pricing.

Can I install my simulator on multiple computers?

Each authorized copy of the simulator comes with one hardware key. While a given copy of the software may be installed on several computers, it is not possible to run any copy without the hardware key. Therefore, for each simulator you wish to run, you must have an individual hardware key and software license.

Can I install my simulator on my current computer system?

If your system meets the hardware requirements, yes. For optimum use, it is likely that you will need to purchase a second screen for each simulator you wish to run, as well as the graphics card needed for a dual monitor setup.
Please see our page on System Requirements for more information.

Can I install the software on my server so that several students may work at the same time?

You most likely have a Single User License, which allows only one student to engage in a training experience at a time. For multiple user configurations, contact Sinapse Graphic.

Can I use a MacIntosh platform to run SGI simulators?

Simulators are not warrantied for the MacIntosh platform. Many customers successfully use simulator with the software Virtual PC from Microsoft. Sinapse Graphic cannot provide support for such configurations. If you do want to use the Virtual PC solution, make sure you have enough RAM to run all the application (Virtual PC + simulator).

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