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The Weather Forecast Europe & World

Below are weather reports with various satellite images taken just minutes ago and additional information for telling the weather. See if you can predict the long range weather forecast by yourself.

The Satellite images, the weather movie and the visual forecast of the weather provided are from the Meteo France weather satellite station.


Weather Maps  European Holiday Weather Storm Map
Weather Maps World Europe

Weather Maps
Weather Forecast Europe
Live updates
Europe Weather Storm Map

Storm Map

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View the weather patterns from space via satellite and predict the long range weather patterns.  Get your visual forecast or even a short movie of the weather taken live from space.  Go through all the weather maps and get temperature readings - high and lows, wind directions and wind speeds.  Even see where storms are going to break out. 

What a better way to find out the weather before travelling which could lead to disappointment.

Most popular weather searches

The most popular UK weather search was the weather in general, which 210,000 Brits looked for last month.  Of course this does not include internet users that already know a couple of good websites to find the weather and go there directly.

Weather Satelite image by Meteo France
Zoom in Weather Map

The weather in London and New York were top on the list.  Actually 415,000 Brits searched for the weather just in April alone.

The next most popular search for the weather was the
Weather Forecast, World Weather and UK Weather.

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Other Weather tags

The weather in Birmingham, Tenerife weather, Cyprus weather, Spain weather, the local weather, Lapland weather (isn't always cold there?), Europe weather, Lazarote weather, Florida weather, France weather, Turkey weather and the weather in Malta.

More Popular Weather Websites

Ant Veals UK Weather Centre   Automatic Weather Stations
Chichester Bar Beacon Met  Department of Meteorology
DETR Air Quality Monitoring  ECMWF medium-range forecast

Frank Singleton's Weather Site  Guernsey Met Observatory
Martin Stubbs' Marine WeatherMetcheck
METEOSAT Weather Images  University of Nottingham

NERC Satellite Station, Dundee University, UK
Northern Isles Weather Oceanroutes
Offshore Sailing Forecast RTE  Online Weather Interface
Royal Meteorological Society The Met.Office
UK Sailing Weather

UK Weather Information WCS Marine Weathercall
WeatherOnline Weatherwebdotnet
Wendy Windblows XC Weather

Useful Weather Links

 CNN Weather Yahoo UK Weather
Weather Underground
BBC Weather
Met Office UK Wind Map

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