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Why Pinnacle Sentry Digital Information Systems

One of our key objectives is to reduce your IT costs. Why does that make good business sense? Because if we ensure everything works as well as it can for you and you are happy with the system and service, we can target our resources to help other customers, thus spreading the cost of support effectively.

Pinnacle also provides hardware and software firewalls, including remote access solutions (so your workers can easily work from home).

We build networks for you...We support your IT ManagerWe design software solutions for you...

Pinnacle provides you with access to our secure Intranet which provides a direct link to your office email, your desktop, in other words, you can continue working wherever you are.

Other areas within our Intranet provide : -

Details from our on-line monitoring server, providing  statistics of your servers/network uptime.

Real-time reports aimed at helping you reduce your IT support costs. These are charts on our performance associated with the SLA, who within your company requires
training, who is using the most support.

Details of all the work we have carried out.

Full invoice information that ensures you make informed decisions for your company. We provide a free system audit which contains a complete software inventory from every machine, system specifications and network details. (To prevent people abusing this service we charge for the time taken if a Pinnacle support contract is not taken). You can monitor how much support is provided each week, and we will work with you to reduce it. Depending on the costing model you choose, you can either buy support hours when you need them or pay a flat fee for everything. If you purchase hours and don't use them, you don't lose them - they are carried forward.

We react fast to your needs

The majority of our internal systems are automated to ensure we can react faster, spend less time performing office administration and pass the cost-savings on to you. We developed our own solutions using the many years experience providing corporate IT support. Our focus is on the SME market (2-300 users). This specific target allows us to provide an automated, streamlined and cost-effective service with unparalleled support levels.

We provide more than IT support. We can help you ensure your clients are aware of your products/services which can benefit them.

We provide all our customers with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which sets a contractual level of service which we guarantee to meet.

Choose a contract that's suitable to you

We don't tie you into long term contracts, after a one  month trial period (a proof of concept period), our minimum term is just 3 months. Longer contracts are also available, if preferred.  We will save you money. Less downtime, greater productivity, better communication.

We are proactive, we don't wait for you to call with a problem, we have a number of unique methods to determine conditions and fix them before anyone is affected.   We can fix problems faster than our competitors. Because  our service covers multiple channels, we can optimise our response according to requirements.


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