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Network Design & Implementation

At Pinnacle Information Systems we believe that a network is the very heart of your communications infrastructure, both internally and externally, which is why we strive to provide our clients with the very best service possible.

Pinnacle can provide you assistance in many diverse areas using the vast experience accumulated from performing a number of similar projects. 


Pinnacle can design or reconfigure your network to give you the maximum performance. Pinnacle can isolate bottle necks or individual machines which may require greater data transfer rates.

There is no 'cutting corners'

We believe in 'there is no cutting corners', we only believe in being the best, and we believe in delivering only the right solution to your company!

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Highest Quality Components

We use only the highest quality components, from manufacturers such as 3Com, Cisco, Intel, and Adaptec  and we fully guarantee our installations, we have a support service that ensures maximum business continuity for our clients.

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Your current network may be sufficient, it may be poorly configured. Pinnacle has the tools to diagnose and therefore anticipate potential problems. You may be surprised how quickly we can increase the performance of your current  network, thus improving productivity and saving you money. If you have more than one site, and wish to be able to either share documents or share your current infrastructure (servers, e-mail etc.), you will need a WAN (Wide Area Network).

Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Servers Citrix Solutions
Scalable solutions, flexible service...

Pinnacle can make the appropriate recommendations or our standard support offering provides you with the capability to easily add additional sites.

Organise all communication installations

Pinnacle can organise the installation of broadband, leased  lines or ISDN lines to facilitate and connection to a remote site. Pinnacle can install backup lines to prevent any downtime in case of a leased line failure.

On completion of any work, you will be provided with a diagram outlining the layout of your networks. If you should choose to move to another IT company, Pinnacle will be happy to provide all details of your existing configuration.

With the arrival of inexpensive bandwidth, Pinnacle can organise the installation of an ADSL line which in the UK currently offers up to 2mb transfer rates. We can also setup your infrastructure to use the ADSL line.

If you already have a leased line and are unable to alter the contract, why not add an additional ADSL line. Pinnacle can setup load-balancing over the two lines so you maximise your investment.


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network, design, implementation, communications, infrastructure, service, support, pinnacle information systems