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Every business has its own needs when it comes to computer networks. There are
a few questions that you can ask about your business.
Your answers to these questions will hopefully lead you to a critical
decision for your business:

1. Does my computer network ever have problems that my staff cannot fix?

2. Can my business afford to hire a full time IT person to maintain my network?

3. Does my full time IT person need a hand by outsourcing?

4. When a problem occurs does my company lose money until it is resolved?

5. Is my computer network necessary to the profitability of my business?

6. Would it be worth my time and money to invest in preventative maintenance?

7. Could my company survive if we lost all our network data permanently?

8. Does my computer network need reliable anti virus and anti hacker protection?

9. Has my business grown, and needs a new structured computer network installed?

10.  Does my business need software upgrades and/or licensing?

Here are a few reasons why an outsourcing partnership with Sentry Digital Information Systems is a great investment:

Cost-effective better service can be provided at similar cost;

Excellence is promoted by competition, we are at all times highly motivated to
  keep abreast of technology and its applications;

We can adapt more easily to your changing needs and technology;

We free management from daily details of IT to allow them to focus on results,
  cost, time, and quality;

Easier to change staffing needs based on work load;

Outsourcing can provide specialists for specific and short-term needs;

Personnel issues are handled by us;

Enjoy the Pinnacle difference! IT support delivered by humans that speak your

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