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Anti-Virus & Anti Spam Solutions

We use the best software available in the market with correct configurations maximising your network protection.  Pinnacle Information Systems provides you with anti virus and anti spam solutions, along with technical support reducing the risk of viruses and/or hackers entering your network. 

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Panda Anti Virus Software for reliable protection

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With the increasing frequency of rapidly spreading and destructive viruses, the need to protect your business has never been more important! Simply installing anti-virus software on your network isn't enough, so we can design a solution to ensure that your business critical data is safe and secure from virus attack.

We can implement anti-virus solutions

We can implement solutions from the leading anti-virus manufacturers, including Symantec (Norton Antivirus), Network Associates (McAfee Antivirus Solutions), Computer Associates and Sophos.

Using the very latest in software technologies we can also ensure that your virus definition files are updated the very minute a new version becomes available.

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Protect your computer network from attacks

Protect your network from attacks from outside and inside your business. Inspect all inbound and outbound traffic on each desktop computer, allowing or denying connections based on your established policies, and reporting all disallowed attempts.

Monitor your computer network

Network administrators are put in full control and can monitor their network at all times, producing comprehensive management reports of virus hotspots inside their business.

Panda Antivirus Awards and Certifications

Panda Software's products and technology have earned the most prestigious quality certifications and awards.

Panda Antivirus Awards and Certifications

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Keep you up-dated
Anti-virus protection is no use if you don't keep it updated. Pinnacle Information Systems takes the pain away by delivering a suite of tools which provide completely automated web-based installation, administration and updating of Anti Virus Software.

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