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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting and archiving data is often overlooked by many businesses, and the consequences of failure can be catastrophic!

Is your company data safe?  Safeguard your most important asset

Few businesses take any notice of data backups until they are actually needed, and quite often this is too late.

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We can not only supply and implement the very latest and feature-rich software, but we can also manage your backups to ensure that your most important asset is safe and secure.

We can help you when disaster strikes

Pinnacle’s accumulated years of experience can help when disaster strikes. If you are unfortunate enough to experience a server crash which prevents Exchange from starting, and have had problems with your backups, Pinnacle has extensive experience in successfully recovering the majority of your mail and public folders.

Is your server having problems?

If you find yourself in a situation where your NT server refuses to start, you see a blue screen or the server continually restarts before the loading process is complete. Pinnacle has a range of tools, diagnostic software and experience in recovering your server to allow you to recover your files.

Does your server need clustering, load-balancing and redundancy

Pinnacle can recommend or implement various methods to ensure your system is always available. Based on extensive experience of resilient solutions, Pinnacle can offer technologies like clustering, load-balancing and redundancy.

Have you a support contract?

For companies with support contracts, Pinnacle endeavour to respond within an hour for major problems, loaning back up equipment as necessary (Any equipment can be provided if the company chooses to subscribe to the appropriate services).


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