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Bespoke Software Development

We can provide bespoke software development solutions using the very latest Microsoft products, including Visual Studio .Net, SQL Server and Visual Interdev.

Contact us with your requirements

Contact us with your requirements

Management Systems

From simple contact managers and case management systems, and embedded links into Microsoft Office, right through to GPS and web-enabled applications, our software development team can develop products that can integrate with your business.
  • Business Analysis

  • Documentation

  • Software Application Design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Implementation

  • Updates & Maintenance

We can also provide extensive and up to date information and advice on Microsoft licensing practices for your business.  Our SW Deployment service has been developed to offer you fast and relevant Microsoft Software Implementation across your network.

3rd Party Software Solutions

We can create a corporate standard using Microsoft operating systems, applications and other 3rd party software.  Without these standards in place, users may install software that is not mission-critical and may effect the stability of their individual machine and the overall network.

Tailored solutions for your business

Unnecessary software can be archived, thus increasing the available space and speed of each machine. Pinnacle Information Systems has developed various solutions to ease the burden of software deployment.

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Using our unique software development products we can produce a detailed audit of machines including software name and version. Please contact us for further information.

Depending on the software deployment requirements, Pinnacle can produce images to allow the quick reinstallation of each system.

Pinnacle can migrate a large number of machines during off-peak periods (such as at weekends or overnight) so your business does not suffer.

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