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Sophos Security Solutions

Over 25 million users worldwide are already using Sophos products which provide comprehensive protection against viruses and spam.

Where are you interested in placing protection?

Pinnacle Information Systems provides you with Sophos software which can protect every tier in your business's IT infrastructure, from the desktops, laptops and servers at its heart, to the email servers at its boundaries and to the managed services beyond. Even the most remote laptop user can be brought into your overall corporate security strategy.

Enterprise administration and reporting

Anti-virus protection is no use if you don't keep it updated. Sophos takes the pain away by delivering a suite of tools which provide completely automated web-based installation, administration and updating of Sophos software. Network administrators are put in full control and can monitor their network at all times, producing comprehensive management reports of virus hotspots inside their business.

Managed services

Sophos works with technology partners to bring additional services to customers. You can view more details of the managed services that can be provided, or read more about how to integrate Sophos Anti-Virus technology.

PDAs and mobile phones

Although the current threat is not great on most mobile devices, Sophos can still prevent viruses from infecting your business through this entry point.

Computer Network server

The data you hold on your network is the lifeblood of your company, and needs to be defended from virus attack. Sophos provides the highest level of protection.

Email server and gateway

Sophos products can check all email traffic passing through your company, providing an extra layer of protection against email-aware worms and viruses. And you needn't be bombarded with spam either - our Pure Message product is capable of preventing both viruses and spam from entering your business.

Desktop Computers

Viruses don't just travel via email - they also travel via floppy disk, CD, network shares, instant messaging and web downloads. Defending your desktop computers against the virus threat is essential.

Laptop Computers

Just because your workforce is on the move doesn't mean that it cannot benefit from the latest virus protection. Find out how Sophos can protect your remote workforce.



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