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Microsoft Windows 2003 Servers

Windows Server 2003 is the most productive infrastructure platform for powering connected applications, networks, and Web services from the workgroup to the data centre.

Easy to deploy, manage, and use, Windows Server 2003 helps you build a secure IT infrastructure that provides a powerful application platform for quickly building connected solutions and an information worker infrastructure for enhanced communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere.

Functionality customers expect from

Windows Server 2003 includes all the functionality customers expect from a mission-critical Windows Server operating system, such as security, reliability, availability, and scalability.

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In addition, Microsoft has improved and extended the Windows server product family to enable organizations to experience the benefits of Microsoft .NET—a set of software for connecting information, people, systems, and devices. Explore the features that make up each of the Windows Server 2003 family of products.

Why should I move to Windows 2003 Server?

IIS 6.0 is faster, more secure, more stable, and more scalable than any previous version of IIS, but IIS 6.0 is not available on any prior release of Windows. Almost anyone doing any type of web hosting on an older version of IIS will immediately see performance and stability improvements. IIS 6.0 will allow you to potentially host thousands more websites per server, and startup and shutdown times for IIS are dramatically faster. IIS 6.0 can serve static content up to 200% faster than IIS 5.0 and can better isolate your applications to keep the server healthy - even when an application misbehaves.

The inclusion of the.Net Framework allows you to immediately take advantage of all of the benefits of Microsoft's newest development platforms and will run your.Net application code out of the box. It will also allow you to immediately begin developing applications which take advantage of XML web services.


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